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Terri Ann Lukyn


Please ensure you have proper address:  1909 Maple Dr. Ste 105, Squamish BC.  Small clinic at back of building at far east end facing the parking lot.  I rented the front to a spa, I am at the back, call me if confused...604-389-9975 I try to keep online presence up to date, but marketers get my info and post old addresses.  I do apologize if you found me on one of their websites.

What can we do for you?

Experienced acupuncture for your unique body and expectation.  With years of experience Terri asks patients to communicate clearly, your wishes and objectives so the experience goes well.  For severe chronic pain, Terri loves the challenge using CCM.  For fans of acupuncture wanting to balance Qi, Terri can use gentle TCM diagnosis, treatment and needles.  Whole body wellness, like depression and anxiety are a specialty as well, and often involve dis-ease and pain.

With Colon Hydrotherapy in the clinic Terri can treat many digestive issues with an extensive diagnosis and treatment or just come for a colonic if you are experienced.

Diet and food are important and products are available which treat many disorders.

Terri can help navigate the internet with current research as well as new and exciting ideas.  Please bring your expectations and we can share in your healing experience today.

Terri does direct billing.

A part of Squamish since 2003. 

Hey Terri:

The testimonial:

“I recently went through a five month period where my lower back ached constantly. During this time, I tried many treatments including massage, physiotherapy and acupuncture. Some did help to lessen the pain for a while, but none eliminated the problem or gave me ongoing relief.

By the end of the five months I was $1500 poorer and a bit desperate. The back pain was controlling my life.

I heard about Terri from a friend who had been treated by her with great success. So I went for a treatment and after just one session I felt more relief than I had at any point previously. After a second session the pain I had been experiencing disappeared entirely. And I was able to return to my life as it had been: sleeping at night, fully active during the day, and free from the depression of always being sore.

It was a great gift that I am very grateful for and I would encourage anyone else to seek out the same results from the hands of this woman. 


John G. “

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